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ZermattTV.Television Coverage on Zermatt, home of The Matterhorn.

Zermatt TV Best information & Accommodation on Zermatt Switzerland here...
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Hotel Butterfly

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Zermatt Television and Video


 Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt by train 2010
 Switzerland The City of Zermatt Video by

Avoid avalanches
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Zermatt Summer
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Switzerland-Summer 2008
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Cervino Matterhorn
wake up and dance
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Xhale Films Zermatt
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Alphorns in Zermatt
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Zermatt goats
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Zermatt summer ski
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Swiss Alps Gliding
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Alpine Zermatt
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We found this and link to It is a video of summer in Zermatt and has a great English speaking video on it
View here

Heliskiing in Zermatt
is as convenient as it is visually and realistically pleasurable. Watch this video and realize that Zermatt has its own helicopter base. View here

This is a great ski video for Zermatt.
I hope you like it and indeed I doid find it very informative. View here

Here's one more Zermatt ski video 
for your browsing. Hey this is just getting like television isn't it? View here

Zermatt Video, The Village
There is much to see and do in Zermatt as, we hope you will find on this page.
If not, have a look at this fantastic
Zermatt Video. 
View here

Zermatt Video, The Matterhorn
Its hard to describe the stunning beauty and power of the Matterhorn. has found a great video that does just that.  View here

Zermatt fast facts:
The longest ski run in Zermatt is 17K
There are more than 100 restaurants in
Zermatt All vehicles in Zermatt are battery powered

The Haute Route Video
This video takes the view on the famous Gaute Route running here from Zermatt to Chamonix. This particular excursion takes 5 days covers 54 miles and three countries. The video shots are notable for their incredible beauty as well as physical and mental challenges, Wisely there is no comment just music and some subtitles. Both skiing and snowboarding is featured. View here

Zermatt Matterhorn Musical video
We found this one on the Switzerland Tourism site. It features our friend Dan Danelli, proprietor of Chez Heini Restaurant in Zermatt singing his praises to the Matterhorn. Well worth a look-in. View here



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